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NPS Architects. Atelier of Architecture, formed in 2005 by Rui Neto, Odete Pereira and Sérgio Silva. Since 2016 composed by Rui Neto and Sérgio Silva

Rui Neto, graduate in Architecture in Porto UL. Master in Theory and Practice of Drawing in FBAUP.  PhD student and researcher in FAUP. Assistant at ETH Zurich from 2007 to 2009. Invited Assistant at EAUM and at FBAUP.

Sérgio Silva, graduate in Architecture in Porto UL. Postgraduate in Management from the Portuguese Institute of Marketing Administration of Porto and Master student in Conservation and Restoration at the Faculty of Architecture of the Federal University of Bahia – Brazil.



Adalgisa Lopes; Carlos Pedro Santos; César Ribeiro; Edgardo Cecchini; Filomena Nascimento; Francisco Corte; Iwona Tajer; Mariana Carvalho; Marta Devesa; Pedro Lopes